Do It Scared

I have a secret to tell you.

It’s something that everyone knows but they don’t say and it’s something that may be holding you back from your goals and dreams. Do you want to know what that secret is?

Everyone is scared.

Fear runs through everyone. Even when they seem to have it together. The fear of failure. Every single person on the planet, no matter how confident they may seem is afraid of failing. Some may turn the failure around quicker…rebound better and use it as a life lesson but every single one of us is afraid of something.



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But on this episode of words mean things we are going to focus on doing it scared. It’s a variation of do it anyway or just do it. It’s the battle cry that most athletes talk about or speakers like myself say before we step on a stage.

We do it scared because life is happening right now and we just need get ‘er done.

  • Get our message out.
  • Win the game.
  • Perform in front of a huge audience.
  • Tell our boss we want a raise
  • Breakup with a bad habit
  • Step away from a toxic crowd
  • Find a more fulfilling job
  • Complete your degree or your diploma
  • Get a tattoo
  • Walk into a gym – yeah don’t get me started on that one…

Look that is one of the reasons I love working with soul-centered entrepreneurs. We are compelled to do something greater than we are because we have a greater power pushing us forward to accomplish bigger things.

A friend and I were talking the other day and she said that before she knew her purpose she was fine going to work and then coming home. But after she gained the clarity she needed, and understood her purpose she has a lil bit of resentment going to the 9-5 because she wants to spend her whole day working on her purpose.

It’s a beautiful thing when you know what the work of your life consists of; it’s motivating but it’s also dissatisfying if you can’t get your hands on it every single day.

Imagine how God feels – he’s been molding us since birth and some of us are just now awakening to our own soul’s promise.

He has been molding and shaping and pushing us forward but we turn away, delay, allow fears to overwhelm us from the thing he’s calling us to do. He is guiding you but he can’t get you to put your hands on your purpose like you should or commit the time to it like you should because fear can also look like distraction and unproductive busyness.

But back to the resolution of fear. I have a formula for you – for me it’s walking closer to faith and further from fear. To be quite frank….Faith is walking along minding her own business and then she has this black lady sticking to her like a shadow. She’s beginning to wonder what’s going on. But I walk so close to her because fear is always lurking behind a bush and trying to jump me like a gang member.

giant Steps

So today’s giant Step is a formula.

Faith – Fear = Flourish.

F’s have never looked so good. Apply it if you need it and molest the heck out of faith if you see her walking down the street. Because fear could be peeking out from the nearest trash can and you never know when you need her.

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You have a responsibility to serve the world with your greatness. No one else can stop you from fulfilling that responsibility but you. Go out and be great.