What Will Other People Think?

These are the 5 words that can be sketched on the epitaph (headstone) of a thousand or more dreams. “What Will Other People Think?”

These words kill dreams faster than a speeding bullet.

Ask Moses if those were the words he asked himself when he stopped on the road to see a bush encased in fire but not burning. Chile it was engulfed in fire and NOT burning! I would have stared at that for a while and you probably would have, too. But other people just walked by it. Not Moses. He didn’t care about what others would think of What will others think of me? What will they think about my choices? When you free yourself from worry and stress over what people think you will be able to move more strongly in your life.him. He stopped & stared.

But you know who gave the ultimate, I don’t give two figs and a loin cloth about what others think… was?

Gangsta Abraham.

Gangsta Abraham said…

“Chile boo, I don’t care what people think. Not Sarah with the powdered eggs, not my traitorous nephew Lot…not ANY of them. I just care about what God thinks…”

He scurried his old rump up that rocky mountain (Genesis 22) prepared to sacrifice his son because God whispered a word to him.

I doubt if what would people think even flitted across Gangsta Abraham’s or Part That Sea Moses’ minds.
Do you know how brave Abraham had to be to even think of sacrificing his son considering how long it took Sarah to conceive? Man look, Isaac was Sarah’s everything. I think she would have murdered Abraham after all that desert wandering and all those years of a barren womb… even giving him permission to father a child with another woman and now you sacrifice my child?

Woo, lawd. The wrath…

Abraham was about to need a lil flip mode squad distraction to get away from an angry Sarah if he had dared sacrificed Isaac.

But Abraham was faithful and he knew that whatever reason God had, it was bigger than him.

How can a servant be put above his master?

God knows what sacrifice looks like and he presents his children with the biggest tests.

He tests our perception of ourselves.
The knowledge that we’d rather be at home than speaking on stages.
Or we would prefer a rambunctious life but he knows the effects of that so makes sure we lead a quiet one.

What would people think is a crippling question that you ask of self. When you worry more about the opinions of others than you do that truth that has already begun blossoming in your heart, you become out of alignment with you.

Try asking, “What does God think?”

See, when you ask what people think….You allow other people’s opinion of how high you can go or how fast you can run this race of life to be tempered by your own feelings of, inadequacy. Your feelings lead to your questions and you start asking things like, “Who do I think I am?” or saying things like “I don’t want to disappoint myself, I don’t want to fail”.

Failure my dear Soulphisticate is the best part of life.

It’s almost the point. It’s where you undo your uncertainties and allow yourself to learn a real lesson about who you are under pressure, under stress, in the midst of anger, in the space of disappointment.

Failure is on the rubric for success and it oftentimes gets none of the credit for getting you there.

It’s not a self-flagellating tool for the Quartet of Misery (guilt, hurt, shame and defeat).

What will others think of me?

When you ask yourself that, it is you standing at the footstool of a Judgement Zone altar… not sanctified in the Holy Spirit just giving away your power.

Yeah, that’s right you have power and you’ve laid it out on a platter with a rose and tea service and given it away to other people.

You my dear are allowing people to be gods to you.
Their opinion of what you do, who you are, how you move through life means more to you than what God thinks.

Listen you beautiful maverick…(not literally listen but you get the point) …

What others think quotesIf you are brilliant beyond belief, the world will judge you.
If you are mediocre and living in simple understated obscurity, the world will judge you.

Either way…in your mind…you’ve become the lamb on that sacrificial altar unsanctioned by God. You are being Isaac.

I know you may be thinking…but jaha he was being obediant to his father’s will…blah blah blah…Isaac was being a pushover. He asked no questions! He trusted in someone else’s will instead of God’s.

Isaac went to that altar and he laid down.

He wasn’t aware that he was being sacrificed and neither…apparently do you.

You have to take your power back.

Decide whether the judgement of others is more important to you than the judgement of your Abba. The only soul whose opinion truly counts.

He put giant gifts in you…
Gargantuan sized talents…
That belong only to you…
And He prepared your soul to withstand any side eyes and slick talk regarding you being a blazing comet of a woman.

What would people think?
I say to hell with what others think.

What does God think?
Start there.

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