What Inspires a Lady Entrepreneur to be Unstoppable?


Every now and then I run across music that I gather unto my playlist before working with a client on a coaching call or during a VIP day. It’s meant to prepare them for the work ahead and to get their mind to shift into position. Unstoppable is one of my favorites by Lianne La Havas. It adds the right amount of energy to the call and brings a smile to my clients’ face. If this is the first time you’ve heard Lianne’s music, you’ve been missing out.

I am listening to it right now and I’ve made several ‘stank faces’ because the music is just so good. It is literally on repeat while I write this post. Although we love our businesses, most of you reading this blog are women and we also love being in love. As a woman, when we are in love with our life, your love and what we do in business/work then we are a triple threat.

That’s kind of the reason I adopted the client moniker, ‘branding amazon’ because in this industry, I’m a triple thread.

But back to the idea of being unstoppable. Words mean things, right and the word unstoppable means that can not be stopped or surpassed; unbeatable. Imagine (I would tell you to close your eyes to imagine this but if you did you wouldn’t be able to read this post) all the fears of success and fear of failure, fear of being too outspoken or being wrong, the fear of rejection–imagine none of those fears existed because your fear gene was broken.

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You could let God handle all those details. All the things you worry about and stress over whether or not the business would work out, what your husband, spouse or boyfriend would say, what your family thinks or the fact that you’re a mom and you shouldn’t be… that would ALL. FADE. AWAY. Because God is handling the details. He’ll put people in position in your life to take up the cross that you’re constantly bearing. He’ll send them right on time and their hands will be strong enough to hold up that burden. It’s a little more weight lifted off of you and you’re freed up to go and be unstoppable.

You are freed up to do his work. The reason I love working with women entrepreneurs just like you is because the world is transformed by women living up to their full potential and I know you should be one of them. So I pray for you, I encourage you and I urge you to step into your power and embrace your greatness. There’s a mission on your life and I’m here to keep reminding you to let your light shine so that it will illuminate the world. Lianne may have just been talking about relationships. I’m talking about life; the only way to be unstoppable is to stop miring in misery and celebrate your strengths. Then respond to life’s challenges, knowing that you are unstoppable.

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