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Welcome to the Turn Your dreams into Revenue Streams Podcast.

I am your hostess, Jaha Knight and I want to talk to you all a little bit today about what this show is, who I am, and whom I have brought along with me, so that we can help you turn your ideas into income. This show was the genesis of a few ideas. We kept kicking things around and throwing things against the wall and finally we have come to a place where this show is the show. Now I have done a couple of shows, you may have heard my name or heard one of my podcasts here on this platform or not. One of the things that I absolutely have always loved is the power of radio and the power of reach, and the opportunity to share information and tips and skills. I am the kind of girl that when I was a little girl my mother used to take me to the library and drop me off and I would be there all day long. Now I see that a lot of the things that I found in books are now found also in podcasts, so why not take advantage of this opportunity?

This all started, this love of radio and love of information when I taught High School.

When I was a teacher teaching high school and I decided that the best way to reach my students was to reach them through their parents. So I went to a local radio station, gave them a pitch, and told them what I wanted to do and they said, “Okay, well, we will put you on air and test it out, see how your ratings go”, and all that good stuff. Well turns out our little formula of Soulphisticated lady radio turned into something amazing and we had the highest rated show on Star 99.7. We were dynamic on that station and we were doing a really great thing. It was fun.

Since then I have had a few shows.

We have had Creating your ideal lifescape, I have had Lady entrepreneur podcast, I have had Love. Sex. + Cupid; all of those ideas were separate little ideas and we just wrapped on my final show which was Scandal podcast. So now, I said you know what, I love talking about relationships and dating and marriage and all that good stuff, who better than to talk with a therapist about some of those issues that we find struggle in.

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I decided that when we did this new podcast, which was so totally untitled that I would try to reach out to a therapist that could talk about relationships and love and dating and every stage that you would be in as an entrepreneur. She came along and she said yes as soon as I asked, and her name is Dr. Shantee Foster King, and I cannot wait for you all to hear some of the great things that she has to say, she is one of our co-hosts.

Now for me I said, okay, you know I love talking about business and branding and I love talking to people about how to make their dreams real, how to say let me stop dreaming and let us start doing. We put together this dynamic team of people and this fantastic lineup of information. So we are going to be pushing that out to you all here shortly, and you are going to get the juicy juicy goodness of our show and I am like, I am really excited because all of the stuff that we have already started hmm. It is amazing darling it is amazing.

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