The Bully & The Believer

As a believer in Christ, the phrase, “I Can’t” shouldn’t exist. The Bible is full of feats that defy the words, “I Can’t”. You being where you are right now, defies the phrase, I Can’t.

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Our history is full of people who said I Can…and I Shall because defying the odds is a legacy we’ve been given.

  • Gabby Douglas didn’t say, “I Can’t”
  • Misty Copeland didn’t say, “I Can’t”
  • Granville T. Woods didn’t say, “I Can’t”
  • Lena Horne didn’t say, “I Can’t”
  • Zora Neale Hurston didn’t say, “I Can’t”

I can’t is shrinking language.

What’s shrinking language you ask? Shrinking language consists of words that activate the inner bully in a believer. They are the things that you tell yourself or others so that you don’t appear as great as you are in real life.

Soulphisticates don’t shrink in the face of a challenge, we take giant steps towards it because we are committed to being great. So why do you use shrinking language?


You know when you look in the side mirror on a car and you see the message, “objects in mirror are closer than they appear”  Your greatness in life, in love, in business, in your purpose, in your goals, in your parenting are closer than it appears but if you keep shrinking language in your vocabulary you will allow your inner bully to win and you will not achieve what you may have if you had just embraced your own greatness.

giant Steps

So your giant step today…designed to remove shrinking language from clear view is to know that …No matter what you said to yourself today to activate your doubt in yourself or your abilities, never doubt that God Almighty still loves you.

See that word?


The King of Kings

The Omniscient

The Alpha and Omega

All giant language….such the opposite of shrinking language — your abba loves you and you are made in his image. So if he’s great…then you are, too and there is nothing that you can not conquer.

Need help saying I Can?

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