When You Say, “I’m Not Ready…”

Procrastination and Put-off-acation << yep I made that word up…. will be the death of many dreams. I talk to customers all of the time who want things for themselves soooooo much. They’ve sold me on their dream and their vision but when it comes time to activate the vision and I propose a giant Step that they take, they say…ohhhh jaha…I’m not ready.

“I’m not ready” (sigh)

Let me explain something…when you say, “I’m not ready” it reverberates through the universe. It is on earth as it is in Heaven. You’re not only saying those words to me, your family or your friends, internalizing it for yourself…you are also saying them to God.

Lord, “I’m not ready” to fulfill the mission you sent me here to fulfill. I can’t see a way around these bills, these kids, my husband or…. ________. You are putting excuses in front of your purpose. You are allowing fear to put a crown on your head and call you the Quartet of Misery Princess.

There is a five-step process that my company lives by: Lead. Teach. Connect. Inspire. Do. The do is at the end because after leading, teaching, connecting, and inspiring…. I have to DO the things that scare the daylights out of me in order for me to move forward in the mission I have been sent here to accomplish.

When I quit my job, I wasn’t ready. When I started a newspaper at the age of 22 and FAILED miserably…I wasn’t ready. When I began two other businesses before this one….guess what? I wasn’t ready and in the eyes of many they were all failures. But the reality is…they weren’t FOR me. There was a much bigger purpose that I was designed for and while I heard a few pangs of purpose muffled inside of me…leading me in the direction that He wanted me to go in..the vehicles weren’t the ones I was to travel in to get to the ordained destination.

Ready or Not, Success and Failure Will Come

Sometimes in life, you fail. But those failures teach you so many lessons; lessons that you can use and implement in your brand NOW.

Start before you’re ready; walk closer to faith and further from fear BEFORE you are ready. I did it and I’m grateful because 9 months into this business, I’m flourishing. You can do the same.

A friend of mine said…‘your results are atypical, jaha’. <<Imagine a mimicked voice because that is literally what I just did. She doesn’t feel that everyone can achieve the same numbers I’ve achieved in 9 months or the same traction but the reality is…when I didn’t have the money for the things I needed in my business or my life and I knew that it was my next step…I took the little I had and I hired coaches; that moved me further faster. I joined programs who were led by people I trusted and I moved faster. I trusted in God and in myself; I didn’t invest in everything or everyone.

But when it was time for another thing…I invested again. Did I have the money for it at the time? No, I didn’t. But not having it at the time makes something in you rise to the demand for survival. That’s the law of giant Thinking.

Something inside of you…knowing you’ve invested big in YOU makes you work harder, motivates you to push towards the end goal and result. It brings out the amazon in you.

giant Steps

So your giant step today…designed to move you into action… is to look around at your life. Blow the dust off of  your stagnant dreams and say, I’m ready. Look at the pain you’re in over a bad situation and say, I’m ready to move on from that. Step into cube world at the company you work for and understand that this is not where you wanted to be in life…and say, I’m ready. Gaze through a magnifying glass at a dysfunctional relationship and say….I’m ready.Then invest in yourself so that you have accountability, your words mimic your actions and vice versa and know that success for you is just around the corner.

No more Put-off-acations or Procrastination of Your Dreams, Soulphisticate.

You’re ready.

Need help saying you’re ready?

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