Giant Steps Workbook


Warning: Be ready to experience breakthroughs in your life on a scale you never dreamed possible.
This 84-page full color workbook pairs well with the phenomenal book, Unleash Your Giant & Step Into Your Greatness. It is designed to help you push yourself to prevent stagnation, teach you how to reclaim your mental, emotional and spiritual power and discover your areas of growth. The giant steps you take simplify this process to make it manageable and achievable.
While using the Giant Steps Workbook, you will recognize the corrupt self-defeating behaviors, influences and self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back from the life you truly want. You will discover how to use your life lessons to develop a personalized growth map that will conquer these behaviors.
It’s time to step out of the waiting room of your dreams and into the next level of your life.
*Note* This is a physical print workbook.