I Hate to Burst Your Bubble

Really? *Face*

On this here day we are exposing lies. When someone says, “I hate to burst your bubble” often they don’t…it’s as bad as “We need to talk” you already know nothing great is coming after those words.

So now that I’ve exposed the Soulphisticated Entrepreneurs’ toolkit from last episode: The rock, sword, shield, bell and wheel I think you should know how to unbundle the package and use the tools.

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I hate to burst your bubble is code for, “I was waiting to burst your bubble, put a fist sized hole in that bubble, invert ya bubble and eschew your self esteem”.

It’s doesn’t present itself as a productive or positive statement, it’s almost gleefully evil and the person is about to relish your disappointment. It’s a statement filled with ego.

And I know that some of you have family members, loved ones, friends or even randoms that may want to take you down a peg. It’s not something everyone is doing from a mean spirited place. They may just think differently than you.



Sometimes they are stuck in an mental space that you no longer occupy.


That’s when you pull out the sword and shield. That’s when you firm up on your rock space and your surety that you are serving the world with your greatness. That’s when you fight their words with the sword and that can be your actions that keep your brand moving forward or sometimes your words. But always protect (using your shield) what you are growing. Your own peaceful space and your happiness. Don’t let someone steal your joy by bursting your bubble.

giant Steps: Just because they’re doing something different than you that doesn’t give them the right to burst your bubble. Just because they don’t believe like you do that doesn’t give them the wherewithal to burst your bubble and just because their own lack is showing doesn’t give them the right to burst your bubble. Put your bubble behind your rock of faith in who you are and what God has placed inside of you so that you always protect it.

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