How to Be More Confident in Business

In 2005 I moved back to Charleston, SC. At the time, my mother was ill and I was there to take care of her because her illness was taking a sharp turn. I fell in love with writing again during that time and decided to become …..not a poet because I had always written poetry but a spoken word artist.
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Study Your Craft…From Experts

If anyone reading this knows me, I throw myself into everything I do wholeheartedly. During that time I observed mostly and went to every spoken word event I could watching poets deliver amazing, heart-centered poems to the audience. I watched poets on Youtube, travelled to other states and learned how to deliver from outstanding poets like tony award winning poet Ga. Me, and AbyssJessica Care Moore, Echo…so many.

Do The Scary Thing

But the thing I saw that made these poets stand out amongst a sea of other poets was confidence and the willingness to be naked on stage. That thought terrified me….be naked on stage? Oh my! I didn’t want people to see into the soul of me and find me lacking or see into me and judge me based on what they saw….but I didn’t want to live in the shadow of my own greatness. Have you ever wondered if that’s what you’re doing?



Well what happened was….I did it anyway. I wrote the poems, I founded a literacy nonprofit and had a poetry clique and we practiced and practiced and worked on our craft so that we could go up on stage….confident in being naked-emotionally. Confident in sharing the truths we had with the world so that they could heal a little more and love a little more of themselves.

What I found while I was learning to speak my truth was the people who stepped into the world whispering were never heard. But if you stepped out boldly shouting your truth, someone would pay attention. When I performed back then, I would take my daughter with me and her most consistent phrase was, “Mommie, when you got up there, the whole room would be silent”. It may have been her impression because she loves her mama but she told me what I already knew about life.

If you show up and you are confident in being transparent with your truth, the right people will listen and the world will take notice. But confidence comes with the knowledge that you’ve honed your craft and you’ve perfected what you have to offer.

giant Steps

Your giant Step is today is to take that important thing that you’ve been whispering to the world and grab a megaphone. Find three other people in your circle and have them roar it with you because your truth is real and it deserves support. Besides, it makes no sense to climb the ladder to success only to find yourself at the top and no one there to share it in your accomplishments. Inspire the giant in others as much as you feel it rising in yourself.

Need help with your confidence?

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