How to Have Healthy Relationships With Your Clients


If you are an introvert ambivert like I am, creating clear boundaries is a necessity for you. It helps you to protect your energy and to rejuvenate so that you can bring your ‘A Game’ to  the forefront every single day.

A few weeks ago I had to implement new boundaries in my business for my clients. I love what I do so much that I’m often willing to do it when the clock has run out of time for the day. But I had to stop it because I was becoming burnt out and over-stressed. That’s when I put this little jewel into practice: I created a clear boundary. Monday-Thursday 9a-6p EST. It became a real situation. You can email me throughout those days but don’t expect a reply on a Saturday for a M-Thursday situation.


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I think as soul-centered entrepreneurs often times we try to be a little too much like Jesus. I know that’s controversial but when it comes to doing the thing you love so much that you can not be paid for it and still be alright – we take some of that to an extreme and boundaries have to be created for self-protection.



It’s undeniable. A lot of us have an issue saying no or placing boundaries around our lives. But it is a necessity if you wish to flourish beyond the right now. I once spoke to a woman who told me I should teach classes showing women how to say no. I find it easy. Not for the things that need a yes but for the burdens of things that require a no.

I will always find a yes for my clients when it is needed but it needs be within the confines of the …what? Boundaries.

See when a client wants to take the easy way out of their purpose, the answer is always clear for me or when I know something is compromising my integrity the answer can be a no. As a service-based entrepreneur you can help someone in their mission.

But you can’t help in the mission, write the mission, design the mission, execute more aspects of the mission than the person themselves. How are they then about the mission?

Or when it comes to your life…if you pour so much into other people that there is nothing left for you, you may have a problem with your boundaries. So in the tradition of Words Mean Things, I want you to learn to say out loud, “I can’t help you on a Saturday for a Monday through Thursday Situation”. That just means you are setting boundaries and you won’t allow a disruption of those boundaries to impact the progress you have to make in your mission.

Want a Healthy Relationship with Your Clients?

Teach people how to treat you because your real treasure is stored inside of you. It’s your soul, your dreams, hopes and wishes. Your real treasure is you. That’s why your clients enjoy working with you and they will respect the boundaries you create so that you can both be happy in the relationship.

giant Steps

Jot down the times when you did something for someone else knowing that it was infringing on your personal space, time or resources and you felt like saying no but didn’t. Start crafting boundaries that help you to gain that control back in your life so you feel more comfortable about giving from a space of abundance rather than resentment. Oh…and don’t forget the use of the word, no. Practice saying it in the mirror and smiling. Saying no to someone else can mean saying yes to yourself.

Let me know in the comments below the results of the giant Steps you have taken to create clear boundaries for your purpose, your progress and the promise of what you have to deliver to the world.

Need help saying No or Creating Clear Boundaries?

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We’ll practice in the mirror together.

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