3 Great Things that Happen When God Shows Up

It’s #testimony time.

I often think about how as women we don’t always show up for ourselves.

We may take care of others more than ourselves, pay the bills instead of some creature comforts, stay in a position or on a job that we’re tired of or just go with the flow, even though it’s the wrong stream, wrong pond or it may be moving out of the direction we know we need to go towards.

I thought about this today as I’m on the cusp of starting some new things. And how every time I am stressed about a situation and I cry out, God shows up. The outcomes may not be what I hoped but he shows me that he always has a better way and a more fitting SOULution.


A few years ago, I was recruited for a position. The process started well before the Christmas holiday but the initial interview was on Christmas Eve. The company I worked for was closed but the company I was interviewing with was open. In my head, that was a red flag; who wants to work for a company that has no family values?  On Christmas Eve, I want to be with my family, not at work.  Then the distance was a red flag; it was about an hour and some change away from my home. I talk about single parenting all of the time, so you know by now I’m a single mom. I didn’t feel comfortable being God Shows Upan hour away from The Kid. Despite my reservations, I tucked my unease into my back pocket, and pressed on through the interview.  Everyone I spoke to advised me that this ‘good job’ was what I needed but I wasn’t convinced. On the second interview, I opted for a phone screen. I was not driving to that far land again knowing I have a suitable job where I am already. When the position was offered, even though it was a lot more money than what I made –I turned it down.


Because I needed to choose them as much as they chose me.

I needed to hire them into my life. If I was uneasy or on the fence, why take it? My mom always said, a bird in the hand beats two in the bush. She was right. There was nothing wrong with my job.  I just wanted more money (who doesn’t)? And honestly there was nothing wrong with the new position either but I’ve always believed, What God has for me, is for me.  That job wasn’t for me. Someone else would have jumped for joy to be chosen for this position but I grudgingly accepted the whole process. This is when learning to say no comes into play. This is also when being too nice doesn’t benefit you.

Both of those situations were ping ponging inside of me.

Lesson #1: Say no to prioritizing other people’s feelings over your own.

So…I didn’t want to disappoint the recruiter who had taken time to work around my schedule to meet me for the interview.

She was incredible and I then when I arrived at the job, I liked the interviewer and everyone there was smiling.  They looked happy to be doing what they were doing.  That’s compelling when you walk into a place for an interview.  But in the end, it didn’t amount up to a hill of beans because I just didn’t want the job.

Lesson #2: Seek clarity around your motives and stop yourself when you’re just wasting time.

Guess who became frustrated with theirself? Me, because the thought of how much time I wasted during that interview process  seriously blew my mind. I should have said no to begin with but the greedy pants rose in me and I couldn’t resist that temptation.

Fast forward… A few years ago we had a ton of ice here and very little snow. My power went out and I didn’t know very many people in Atlanta to begin with– and it was Valentine’s weekend. That means inflated hotel prices and full occupancy hotels since most of the people in the county were also without power.  Our power didn’t return ’til Saturday after being out since Wednesday night. My house was freezing and we literally had nowhere else to go. I felt homeless, stressed, worried (and cold); We bought logs for the fireplace. Every few hours I jolted awake as we lay on the couch in front of it. My worry was that I’d burn the house down with me and The Kid in it. I bought the logs with a frozen brain and forgot to buy a fire extinguisher, le sigh.

But God.

He will make a way out of no way. The schools here were on “Winter Break” which is separate from “Christmas Break” and “Spring Break” but that’s a rant for another post. I told The Kid, as we prepared for work that Friday morning (notice I say we because it was too cold to leave The Kid at home and after last year’s incident where the apartment almost burned down….yeah the temptation to light a new log and play with fire while I wasn’t at home was too compelling for me to leave The Kid there, but mostly it was too cold).

My true friends will offer us a place to stay,” and sure enough as we arrived to work, I received a text from one of my friends asked if we were still without power. I said, “Yep” and she said, “Girl bring your butt over here.” We spent the night there tucked into some cozy warmth and I had the chance to talk with them about some very powerful things. Love those ladies but that was nothing but God showing up. Putting it in their hearts to take us in when we needed it. He’s always there.

Lesson #3: God Shows Up with Actions that align you to the Plan

Actions Speak Louder than Words.

If you have to keep learning  that over and over again, raise your hand… but at least now when we see it, we can recognize it for what it is, immediately.

The same day a new recruiter called and offered me a different position, closer to home with better benefits and the same pay as the position I’d turned down. We did the phone screen and the interview and I was offered the job.

Who is showing up here? God.

I took the time to ask Him to better my circumstances due to what I had been facing.

Be Your Own Boss

I’ve learned that for me, fear motivates nothing; and resistance to change gets you nowhere.

So I just fall and I let Him catch me.  And guess what, he does–every time.   I didn’t apply for those positions. Recruiters saw my resume and sought me out.

My Godsister often says how much she dislikes GA and Atlanta in particular but I can say out of any move I’ve ever made for my career or to better myself, moving here in 2012 was the best move. Since the experience I shared, I’ve of course started my own business and been successful in it for years.

Lesson #4: Move when God Says Move

Staying in Charleston had its place, living in Maryland made me more humble and grateful and those experiences paired with any number of other situations put me right here, today. Initially, I was uncomfortable with moving here but being a little uncomfortable as you let God work is a small price to pay for a phenomenal outcome. Let Him place you in those situations, let him take control of what you think it is you need to be doing and the people with whom you surround yourself. And don’t worry about the outcome–it negates the faith you’ve placed in God.

Once you’ve laid yourself bare on the rock of that faith, nothing else can compare to it. Because… God always shows up. #ThankYou #Grateful

Your turn.  In what ways has God has shown up for you? What can you say you are grateful or thankful for?  

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