A Dime a Dozen Can Make Me a Millionaire


So the funny thing is a dime a dozen is a phrase that tells the world that something is common. But you all know..words mean things right? But not only do words mean things… words are literal your interpretation of those words are subjective.

So for me, a dime a dozen means I can be a millionaire.

If I can sell a ton things for a dime a dozen, I just made $1.2 million dollars. So if that’s a common concept and we all aspire to be common then that’s the kind of common exception that I want to be.

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In the last post, I gave you all a giant Steps formula. See the fun thing about walking so close to faith that you’re a shadow is that it proves that you have found love inside of yourself which is why you’re walking that close. After you’ve found that love inside of yourself, opportunities will come to you because you are already happy.

So the next time someone tells you how common your ideas are or your purpose is or even you are…think about this interpretation of a dime a dozen…baby you spin it the right way you can be commonly enriched by the coint you’re able to generate if you’re serving folks in the right way.

It’s all about perspective.



When your perspective on life shifts because your mind is open to the other possibilities that exist in the world and all that fear talk is a distant murmur in a far away land being a dime a dozen can mean you’re a millionaire.

Or if you are solely a purpose driven entrepreneur and you want to reach 10 out of 12 people with your message and that’s your goal; it’s possible…it’s all about perspective.

giant Steps

So your giant step today…designed to move you into action is to find ten things that have shown themselves to be a problem in your life – a nagging issue that you keep looking at in a negative light and shift your perspective. Change the dialogue around those ten things and watch how uncommon the results are that come out of the law of giant thinking.

Then take two minutes and say something super positive to yourself like, “I love you” or “You are so fine today” to boost your self esteem, pour love into yourself from a positive place or just to encourage and promote emotional growth. Because you are not a dime a dozen unless it makes you a common threat to the status of shrinking thinking.

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