5 Ways to Determine Your Aspiration in Life

I woke up this morning, determined to be greatful and this song came on. It stopped everything. Stopped me in my tracks, made me ask myself the question and then smile at the response.

“What is your aspiration in life?” the judge asked Beyonce in Pretty Hurts.

What is my aspiration? I know my mission, I have the vision but what’s the aspiration?

I went to a conference in November and the question there was, what is your dream?
So many of the people there confused their mission with their dream and I’m sure many confuse their aspiration with their mission.

But your aspiration and your dream are the same thing.

It is that thing you’re striving to achieve or accomplish your whole life. It’s what you daydream about and what makes you want to quit your job just to go sit on the beach somewhere. It’s the twinkle in your eye when someone looks closely. Your dream, your aspiration is the thing that makes you smile when you relax in the tub. It is that “thing”…

But what if you don’t know what that ‘thing’ is and you want to have your own “Pretty Hurts” moment…?

Let’s talk about the ways you can uncover your aspiration in life – Here are the top 3 ways to do that…

1. Determine the recurring theme in your life – your dream and your aspiration are selfish. They aren’t the selfless vision or mission on your life. They are the things you want JUST for you.

My running theme and my dream is freedom. I don’t like being confined or restricted. I enjoy the free options that entrepreneurship has created for me. It’s also what I daydreamed about when I worked in cubicle world or even when I had my own office. At the last job I had, my window overlooked a smooth parking lot, yall and I stayed gazing into the sunshine.

2. Start with, “I Wish I…” If you don’t have a continued theme, start with, I wish and use the selfish button. What do you wish for YOURSELF. Not for your kids, your family, the people you want to serve. What do you wish for YOU?

There’s a reason the flight attendants tell us to put our masks on before we attempt to help a child or anyone else around us. It’s because it makes sense. You can’t hope to cure ebola or develop the fastest version of wifi but you don’t know how to keep yourself in a happy, non-self defeatist mindset. All of what you want starts with you. You will determine how quick you go, how much you accomplish and if you’ll spend your money wisely or flame out in your business because you started with YOU. Not with everyone around you but with YOU. This has to be one of the only times I’ve ever heard someone say, be selfish first but I’m saying it. Be selfish FIRST. Everything you want in your life works better when you start with you. Unlock the third way below…

[signinlocker] 3. Determine what your ideal life looks like – what is the most consistent thing that shows up for you? That’s your dream, your aspiration.

How do you figure out what that ideal life is? You start by fixing the broken things in your life right now. You don’t like working on Mondays? Well in your ideal life, Mondays are a no-no for your schedule. You hate commuting to work? Then your ideal life may include virtual meetings and a virtual team.

Ready to put your dream in action?

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