Greatness Mindset

What Will Other People Think?

These are the 5 words that can be sketched on the epitaph (headstone) of a thousand or more dreams. “What Will Other People Think?” These words kill dreams faster than a speeding bullet. Ask Moses if those were the words he asked himself when he stopped on the road to see a bush encased in fire but…

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3 Great Things that Happen When God Shows Up

God Showing Up

It’s #testimony time. I often think about how as women we don’t always show up for ourselves. We may take care of others more than ourselves, pay the bills instead of some creature comforts, stay in a position or on a job that we’re tired of or just go with the flow, even though it’s…

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Do You Need Approval, Permission or Validation

Hey lady! It comes to my attention that you may need something a little more than the internal motivation from self to drag dusty dreams out of the closet and allow them a little sunlight. It may be one of three things…now correct me if I’m wrong but I’m hearing a lot of, “let me…

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5 Ways to Determine Your Aspiration in Life

I woke up this morning, determined to be greatful and this song came on. It stopped everything. Stopped me in my tracks, made me ask myself the question and then smile at the response. “What is your aspiration in life?” the judge asked Beyonce in Pretty Hurts. What is my aspiration? I know my mission,…

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The Reason Your Clients Don’t Want to Pay You What You’re Worth

The Reason Your Clients Don't Want to Pay You What You're Worth

I have a lot of conversations. I call them #Brandversations You’ll see that in the varied dialogues I share here on the blog. Often…and I DO mean OFTEN… I hear, “they don’t want to pay me what I’m worth,” from entrepreneurs.  Let’s be clear here, Soulphisticates.  You are of value. Your products and services are of…

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How God Inspires Confidence in You

In corporate america I worked with a lot of men in upper management. I managed a lot more women than men. In our directors meetings or manager meetings, I took cues from the men I worked with – assertive, aggressive, clear about outcomes and requirements. With my team, though although I was clear, assertive, aggressive…

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8 Ways Jesus Can Help You to Walk in Your Purpose

My best friend always tells me that love is self-sacrificing. For those of us that are less than selfless we struggle with that idea. But it is amazingly true. I have to be selfless a LOT as a parent to The Kid. Why would loving others not also look like that? Let me take you…

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5 Ways to have a closer relationship with God

I have gone through a lot in the past three years.  More than most of you can imagine, but I came through it alright.  Better than alright, I came through it amazingly intact and I couldn’t have done it without God.  That’s right, today is a good ole fashioned #testimony. In three years, I have lived…

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