Are You Waiting For Your Name to Be Called?

Remember when rappers and singers used to put the names of people in their songs? Lisa, Angela, Pamela, Renee…I love you *Kiss* from around the way…if you don’t know that classic, I don’t know what to tell you.

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I remember when we used to listen to radio and record our favorite songs on cassette players. If you heard your name in a song it became your favorite song. You would definitely play it for your friends and scream when you heard your name. Clearly, I never screamed…my name was never in a song, lol.

Back then it was cute because we were young and we were living under our parents roofs.

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But over time you start to realize some people…are still waiting on their names to be called.

They are sitting in the waiting room of their dreams expecting someone else to give them permission to go after their goals. Are you one of those people? Sitting in the waiting room expecting someone to call your name so you can step into your purpose?



Are you waiting on the man of your dreams to find you but you’re not putting yourself in the places that he could possibly be? Do you wish that you can have a better car, better circumstances or a better life? Then you have to act. No one is going to manifest your greatness but you. It is your responsibility to serve the world with it. It is your responsibility to find your rhythm, your desire, your motivation. It is your responsibility to get in action.

When my mom passed away in 2006, I learned a valuable lesson.

Life is short and regrets don’t pave a pathway to the promise.

When the space between my now and then comes, I want to die empty; every mission I was put here to fulfill, completed. Every life I was sent here to touch has been blanketed in my love and caught up in the fervor of my passion.

Choose to die empty knowing your legacy is realized and the spirit in you is satisfied. You shouldn’t wait on someone else to call your name–to give you permission. God already did that when he sent you here and all you have to do is fulfill the mission he’s sent you here to accomplish.

giant Steps

So today’s giant Step is for you to call your own name. You can be in the car, walking down the street, sitting at your cubicle or on the bus. Just call your own damn name and then answer. Give yourself permission to step out of the waiting room and into position so that you can win at life.

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