Does Your Business Feel More Like a Job?

Honey, we need to talk.

If you are in a space of manual-itis and touch-it-all-i-know-sis in your business, you may not have created a job and not a business.

Say word?

Yep, say word.

If you can only handle 5 clients in a month, you’ve created a job and not a scalable business.

If you are overwhelmed with responsibilities every time you onboard a client and you spend more time thinking about what has to happen next instead or how to accomplish the next, you’ve created a job, not a scalable business.

You didn’t create a business just to have a job. You created a business to allow you to have more time freedom.

If you spend a lot of time in your business:

  • Creating custom quotes
  • Figuring out what to price someone at with an offer
  • Developing new content for each client
  • Doing the same repetitive things over and over and feeling frustrated because it’s taking up a huge chunk of your time and you need to do something else.
  • Sending out manual emails
  • Having no follow up after purchase
  • Worried about where money is coming from the next month
  • Not having a defined plan of action for the client that automatically gets sent over

Well my dear, you have a job – not a business.

Most of us, when we hear scalable we think of the weight we put on a scale that shows us a dreaded number when we look down. On the contrary, scalable just means we are creating a business that can hold a large capacity of people at every point of the sales process – from pre-sale to sale to post sale. And in that process, clients enter and go through your system the same each time and it’s easier to do because you’ve created systems to handle them.

Scalable is a word most new entrepreneurs don’t understand.

Raise your hand if you get it. I know when I started my first two businesses, I didn’t, so my hand back then would have been firmly affixed to my side. But as entrepreneurs, your job (aside from the work of what you do) is to create a scalable business.

“But jaha, I want a boutique business…I don’t want my clients to feel like they’re one in a number…”

Girl bye.

YES! I’m Ready To Get More Clarity in My Business, More Strategy for My Activities And Build Better Relationships With Other Like-Minded Entrepreneurs!

I’ve had up to 40 clients in my business doing varied things at varied times at the SAME time and no one felt like a number. If anything, this is what I hear, “I feel like you are only working with me. I forget you have other clients.”

The feel of what you do and who you are is something you build into your what? Your….system.

When I coach clients, that don’t go through mindset coaching first — they fight to keep a “boutique” business which can translate to (sometimes…well a lot of times) small money.QUOTE014

As soul-o-preneurs, we love on our businesses with the tenacity of a new parent (which is fine) but don’t realize that the main job as a parent of this new business is not JUST what the business does in that year, or on that day but HOW to grow UP the business so it can carry a load of many clients at once. It’s the only way to maintain a successful business. Especially if one of your motivations behind starting this business is time freedom. Successful soul-o-preneurs constantly re-examine and readjust to allow for better profit margins. We create systems that allow us to grow and harness the power of size to lower costs and expand into the marketplace.

Businesses that are scalable have created strategies and have answered those questions that arise as your baby is developing.

So let me be real with you…

One to five clients is a great starting point in your business but to have systems in your business that allow you to double, triple and quadruple the amount of people you can handle in that business is better.

Where does that start?

  • It starts in operations.
  • It’s integrated into your sales goals.
  • Integrated into your marketing plan.
  • Integrated into your content.

It’s throughout what you’re creating for your business. It’s not just in one space.

There are four pillars of business. Operations. Marketing. Sales and Finance.

And one of the questions I always ask entrepreneurs is where in those pillars do you start your business?

The answer almost always is – marketing. The answer almost always is – wrong. Start in operations; this is where your brand is defined. When we work with get BrandiD! clients to establish a visual identity and we ask some of these questions, we’re almost always surprised that brand is what we’re contacted about but the real work of the brand itself isn’t done…sometimes not even started.

If this is something you’re struggling with, apply to the Soulphisticated Academy  so we can find some resolutions to your scalability problem.