Are You Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

So when you hear someone say they are stuck between a rock and a hard place that generally means they are having a dilemma. They are stuck between two hard choices.

When Soulphisticates join the Academy I
provide them with a toolkit.

In the toolkit they get a rock, a sword, a shield, a bell and a wheel. Being the rock in your brand means you are so sure about what you offer the world that no one can shake you from that foundational truth. So to me between a rock and a hard place means something a little bit different. It means that you are sure where you are and you are faced with looking at a hard choice… or a dilemma.

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But the rock is you so you are part of that dilemma.

  • The way you think
  • The way you have been approaching the situation
  • The hurdles you’ve placed around the rock that is you.

giant Steps


Designed to move you forward…If you’re stuck between yourself and a hard place then dig in your toolkit. Use the shield to protect yourself from your own self sabotage and use the wheel to move you out of the hard place. Sometimes that wheel is prayer, sometimes it’s action. Prayer without works is dead. Now the only thing standing between in the way of your success are the hard choices. Make those choices with discernment and clarity of what your next step should be.

So how hard was that choice to make? Words mean things and all you needed to conquer the challenge (not dilemma) was the rest of the tools in your toolkit.

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