5 Habits to Practice for Explosive Business Growth

Habit – 1. A usual way of behaving
2. Something someone does in a repeated way.

I have a double sided sink. In the middle of the sink is the space where I keep all of my lady “stuff”, toothpaste, toothbrush, face cleanser, cleansing pads. A few weeks ago, the left sink was clogged. After dumping a bottle of drano in it, I finally called the plumber. It took him a week and a half to get to me and repair the sink. Meanwhile, I had better results using the right sink, so I used it while I was waiting on the other side to be repaired. Today, I’m still using the right sink and not the left. I glanced at the left sink this morning and frowned. Using the right sink had become a habit and I didn’t want to go back, lol.

It takes a while for a habit to become a habit. I’ve lived in my home for 3 years now and most of the time, I’ve used that left sink. Because I didn’t want to step two feet over and use the left sink anymore, in my mind, I justified using the other sink by saying, “It’s the right side’s turn.” I shrugged and kept on brushing my teeth.

Creating a habit is one of the best ways to combat time management issues. Repeated exposure to an idea makes a habit stick and it seems less like an intrusive process because it becomes your, ‘normal’.

Imagine if you apply the idea of habit to your business. Wouldn’t it help you to become more productive with your projects and your goals?

We just finished Step Into Your Greatness in the Soulphisticated Academy and while we worked in that space, we addressed time management. I heard things like, “Oh, jaha I have a full-time job…” or “It’s harder for me because…” and I went deaf. Why deaf…well I turned a deaf ear to it as the old folks say. I don’t believe in people rolling their turds (excuses) in glitter and then handing me a glitter glue stick to help them continue more of the same (habit).

When you are headed towards a new space in your life, you have to make room for it. It’s uncomfortable at first. You’re not used to it and it does disrupt your daily routine but most of the things you want for your life, live outside of your comfort zone. If the comfort zone is mediocrity and I’m pushing you into greatness – your participation is required.

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Even when you step up levels in your life, you have to mentally prepare for the climb up to the next level. Daily, the entrepreneurs in Step Into Your Greatness had an activity and an audio. It creates a daily discipline that forces you to do at least one thing in your business. Being in business is not a part-time-I-sit-in-the-house-talking-to-my-friends-and-eating-delicious-foods activity. 

Not if you want to make it to the next level…and the level after that…and after that…

Create the habit of making room for your brand and envisioning where you’re going to go within it.

Vision + your action plan + the incentives you have for your customers/clients + the resources you can accrue to make remarkable things happen = a big ole success gumbo.

In this gumbo, making room for your brand doesn’t mean making room for the work that you profit from. Well, prayerfully you’re profiting from your work. But it means making TIME for the brand itself. That time includes creating a vision that allows you to plan out your success rather than “HOPE” for it. We don’t do hope marketing or hope planning around here. Our businesses deserve better than that. We do everything with intention – even the things that delight our purpose partners. That’s called strategy. Your strategy should align with your vision. We plan the next year out before the year ends and then we work on that plan in quarters. You know, first quarter, second quarter, third quarter, fourth quarter (of the year). Quarters are made up of 3 month increments, starting with January.

Then we set up an action plan.

That action plan includes how and where we will allow access to the content or the opportunities we’re preparing and how to best connect with the audience. Then we move on to the resources we’ll need and who we can help along the way. We become a catalyst for others to work with and find their partners on the journey we’re creating (at least, that’s a core part of our brand). We outsource pieces of our plan and we find others to surround ourselves with so that we are not building a business without input from our peers or input from a coach or mentor that has travelled higher than we are on this road in our business.