Why Do I Need a Website & How Does it Help with Business Success?

Hey there you fearless entrepreneur! You’d be surprised at how many people ask:

Why Do I Need a Website?

Most non-designers will say, “Oh, you don’t need one,” but that’s because they fail to understand the purpose of a website. If you’re a high-touch, “I can do all things myself” type of entrepreneur, then the non-designers are right, you don’t need a website. If you are however the, “I have too many things to do in one day and this isn’t something I want to think about,” type of person, then check out these reasons below on why you do, in fact need a website.

  1. 24-7 Marketing Team

    You want the best employee in the world? Your website is that employee. It works for you when everyone else has clocked out, it provides all the information you’d want to share with a willing and eager audience. Your website gives you a voice in the market when the most dedicated employee (probably you) has clocked out or taken a nap on the couch.

  2. A Pillar of Action

    I always talk about the 4 pillars of every business. Operations, Marketing, Sales and Finance. Guess what, well a website is a large part of those pillars. It’s allowing people to take action with your brand. When you meet someone at a networking event or talk with someone about the fact that you have a business, one of the first things they do to check you out is to go to your website, google your name and look for your…tada….website or wait for it, ask you where others can find you if they want to refer you. [snippit cithebossbuildempires]

  3. The Way People Discover Information

    We are in an era where discoverability is everything. I grew up in a space and time where we discovered things in books and at libraries. But the world has changed. The encyclopedias my mom saved up for when I was little so I could have the best of the best “Brittanica” is now the internet. If you want to be discovered by  the clients that you so richly deserve, you’ll need a website.

  4. Leveraging Social Media

    Why do I need a website folks often say that social media is all they need to get to their clients or consumers. I remember pushing out the live version of our podcast through a system called Blabb. It was this new tech that allowed you to setup an online streaming room with multiple hosts and a chat room all included. I was so excited to roll that out to my co-hosts of the show. We were going LIVE with our audience with a more stable platform than Google Hangouts. Well, Blabb went away. Like it literally went away as a service. What if I had no website to go back to and share with my audience what they needed to know to continue to support our show? That was a social platform. So was Google glitchy Hangouts. You can build an audience on social but if the social platform disappears and you have no website, there goes that audience you so diligently built. Social is designed to gather your congregation (people) and push them back to your home base. Your home base? Your website.

  5. Communicate Your Brand’s Values & How to Work Successfully with Your Products and Services

    The best form of communication is when the information you want to relay to someone else (especially if it’s a client) is all mapped out and available for your clients to consume. It shows you took the time to think about their customer journey with your product or service. When customers and clients alike have questions about what you’ve developed for them, they should be able to find the answers from your website.

  6. Your Audience Achieving their Goals is Everything

    You went into business to help your clients, #AmIRite? So why wouldn’t you have a site that can share with them the answers to their questions and the opportunities you’ve developed to consume your products and services so they can achieve their goals?

  7. Do That Thang, Soulphisticate…

    Being an entrepreneur often means finding your way through processes that work well for you. I teach that in Soulphisticated Academy. And your website may be pretty and nice for people to look at (or not) but not functional. Your website is really — a system. Yes, marketing is one of the pillars of business and because it’s a pillar it requires a system to support it. Pillars don’t just stand up all willy-nilly by themselves, you know. There has to be a foundation and in this case your foundation is a system. If your website is a part of that system (as it should be) you’ll be receiving leads and opportunities through it.

  8. Coins Saved & Coins Measured

    Aside from the cost of getting the website developed you’re not paying constantly to advertise on radio, print or tv, except when you’re promoting an offer from your brand. Because your website exists online ALL of the time.

    When you do advertise on those mediums, guess where you’d most likely send that traffic? To your website where you can measure the return on investment for the ad spend. We include that in all websites we design. Your ability to measure your website’s effectiveness online.

  9. Leverage the Playing Field with Big Business

    Are you pitching your business to an organization to win a bid? You want to compete with the bigger guys in your industry but you have no website? Welp…you already know what I’m going to say, right?

  10. Don’t Be the Alicia Keys Version of “You Don’t Know My Name” type of Professional

    No one knows who you are so you’re not getting any business? Well we want people to know your name! Whether that is your brand name or your gub’ment name. We want them to know who you are and what you stand for, yes, yes? Resoundingly, yes.

  11. Get on the Radar

    You want to get on the radar of an executive in a company or on television as a featured segment? Want to collaborate with someone on an upcoming project? You’re gonna need a website. No one is just going through social anymore and checking out an instagram feed. They may do that and also search for you online. A website just makes your philosophies clear.

  12. Widen Your Media Net

    You ever wonder where the people on itunes and Stitcher came from and why you can listen to them across the world? They came from a website. Your podcast feed runs like a river through one of these nifty little tools. Conversely, if you’re interviewed on a podcast by a fabulous podcast host, where are you going to send their audience? To Instagram or your Facebook page? I’m not laughing at you if you said yes, but really I am..

  13. Schmoney Goals

    Did you think making money wouldn’t be a compelling enough reason to build your website? Every client site we develop we ask them for their monetization plan. Not only do we want to make sure the investment they’re making with us is going to generate a return on investment but we want our clients to win! So we always develop the best

    marketing system for them to reach those goals. But then we’re a digital branding agency and not a website design company and wanting to know how our clients want to make the internet work for them is in the fabric of our business.

  14. Leaders Have A Message

    Since our clients are leaders we know a lil sum sum about having a message. With a website, not only do you get the opportunity to share your message through the pages of the site but you get more chances with blog posts. Now the same naysayers that said you don’t need a website would also say you don’t need to blog. Because how can you blog without a website?
    What are you sharing on social if you’re not sharing your message that connects back to a place your audience can congregate? Blogging gives you more chances in the search engine to be discovered by those that are looking for someone sharing the information you are sharing. If you don’t blog, you decrease your chances of discoverability. Blogging says to google >>Hey! That person right there has new relevant content about this topic someone just searched for…let’s direct them to him/her.

  15. Leading the Way to Success

    Leads are just as important as relationships in business. Your website should generate leads for you.

I hope these fifteen gooder than good reasons have convinced you that you definitely need a website because it’s a benefit to entrepreneurs and thought leaders alike. Now let’s schedule a consult you brilliant entrepreneur, so we can discuss your brand’s website needs.