7-DTRS | Pursuing Your Dreams While Building Strong Relationships

As you’re entering or continuing your dream of entrepreneurship, think about the role your relationships will play in that journey. How do you plan to include your support group and social network as you’re making changes for your life? How will pursuing your dream affect your current relationships?

1) 4 main categories of relationships:

  1. a) Family b) Friends c) Romantic d) Professional

Think about the people in each of these groups.

  1. i) Take inventory of those around you and those you choose to be around ii) Be aware of the kind of people in your network, your space, and even in your family iii) Know who you’re interacting with and expect accordingly

2) 4 main areas to consider within these relationships:

  1. a) Time
  2. i) …to spend with them doing activities, attending events, etc. ii) Likely to have less of it

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