6-DTRS | Vision in Your Business a Vital Part of Your Success Strategy

Vision in Buiness is a major part of your strategy.

But are too many entrepreneurs allowing others to sway their vision in pursuit of someone else’s lack of ability to serve your vision?

Here are a few questions I have for you on today’s episode of Turn Your Dreams into Revenue Streams:

  • Who do you allow to speak into your business? That’s the first question.
  • The second question is, are you clear on your strategy?
  • The third question is, are you confident with what you know about your business? Those are the 3 questions that I’m asking you today and there’s a reason for it.

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So, we’re going to start off by talking about who you allow to speak into your business.

Now, most entrepreneurs don’t realize that we need to have consultants because we don’t know everything. So, the level of you going out and finding consultants or the goal of you going out and finding consultants is important because there are certain aspects of your business you don’t know and they’re actually certain aspects of your business that you’re not yet ready to tackle.

Now as you grow along, not just go along but grow along in your business and you learn more about yourself about entrepreneurship then there are other aspects. Now I remember when I first started this last business and I said okay I want to be a full-time entrepreneur now, how do I reverse engineer this so that it works and I’m not worried and scared every month about revenue when all the other things that come along with that?

Now, I followed this lady and she is phenomenal. She’s a rock star entrepreneur and she was focused on the area I felt I was weakest in, and that’s the thing that you need the consultants for. You need somebody to be stronger in an area than you are. However, you know there’s always a but right, however, you also have to be confident enough in what you know about your vision that God has given you to know when a portion of their expertise does not work for your business.

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