4-DTRS | Should You Start a Nonprofit?

When you are considering whether or not you should start a non-profit, here are a few things to keep in mind. 

Samuel Bellamy of SC Mentors breaks down all the info on this episode of the Turn Your Dreams into Revenue Streams Podcast.

Did you do your research on starting a non-profit?

I will tell anyone that the first step to start a nonprofit is finding who already exist. There are so many resources and organization working in the nonprofit space. Chances are there is someone already working in the space you are trying to work in. Before venturing out on your own, do your research to find out what organizations exist and pick their brain. This is your opportunity to ask questions, volunteer and even find out what hurdles they had to pass to get to where they are. Research will save you time and money. Learn all the information you can for free before jumping in feet first.

Do you have the support you need to start a non-profit ?

People underestimate the time and energy it takes to start, run, and sustain a successful nonprofit. Where multiple hats may sound glamourous to some, but in it is a waste of time and resources. I encourage everyone to test your idea with friends and family first. Find out who is willing to support you in your nonprofit journey. This advice holds true for your support staff and for your board of directors.

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Is your idea is suited for nonprofit work?

Did you know everything that is done for the community is not needed to be a nonprofit? It is true, some organizations sell a service or product and would be better suited if it was not a nonprofit. Its perfectly fine to want to make a profit and do good for the community. Sometimes you just need a fiscal sponsor and another organization willing to support you.

Sam’s Bio

Samuel Bellamy began his career in the social sector as a Community Health Navigator and Youth Advocate in the Charleston area over 10 years ago.  Leveraging that experience, he aided many non-profits in areas with organizational management and coordination, program design and evaluation, mentor recruitment, board of director recruitment and training and strategic planning. Currently he is serving as the chair of the board for the Distinguished Gentlemen’s Club, a mentoring organization taking young men through the transitions of manhood. Chair of the school improvement council of Ft. Dorchester High School.

In addition to consulting start-up nonprofits he is both a grant proposal reviewer and writer. He also works with several other committees and councils in the area and is passionate about community economic development and the education of our young people, especially the young men. Samuel believes that all children deserve our absolute best and knows it would be a shame if we did not give it to them. A servant leader at heart Samuels vision is to serve those who serve others and help adults, help kids. He was the 2015 recipient of the Charleston Business Journals Health Care Hero award and is a member of the Charleston Regional Business Journals class of 2016 40 under Forty.

He is an author of a Children’s Book called Hidden Gems that delivers witty anecdotes about life to children in a fun and entertaining way that engages the whole family.

Samuel hold a bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University and is currently pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration with a focus on Nonprofit Management from Liberty University.

He is Married to La Tasha Bellamy and has 2 sons and one daughter.


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