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So, here’s the thing, my birthday is in September, right? And I don’t know how many of you are Virgos or Libras, but I sit on the cusp of Virgo and Libra, meaning my birthday sometimes falls in Libra and sometimes falls in Virgo depending on what you’re looking at, the chart, the date, the whatever.

My mother always told me that I was a Virgo/ Libra. She didn’t know that the real name for it is called cuspie. So, if you actually fall on the center line, the border line of two different signs, you can be considered a cuspie, so I consider myself that.

My birthday was in September and I turned 40 and I thought that I was going to have the most phenomenal birthday and I absolutely did.

I had a great birthday eve and a great birthday. And for those of you all that don’t know me, which some of you don’t, one of my friends asked, they were like, well Jaha what is your favorite holiday? And I said my birthday. So, that’s how seriously I take my birthday.

I dress up, I do all the things that you would do on a holiday, but for my birthday. And all the other holidays I really could care less about, and that’s just being honest. I know you’re supposed to love Christmas and love Easter as a Christian, but it’s my birthday, I’m sorry. I’m quite sure Jesus is like, yeah, it’s my birthday, too, that’s my favorite holiday, but I’m just saying. Okay, so my birthday went very well, and I was very excited. My daughter took me to the Civil Rights Museum. Now, I’m a very pro black person, doesn’t mean I’m anti anything else just pro-black. And she took me to the Civil Rights Museum and by the end of it I was bawling like a baby. Why did you bring me here? This was a good gift, but terrible at the same time. So, she took me there and it was an okay experience I learned a lot. It was a very good learning experience actually and then we went and had candy cakes, it was really dope.

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Now the day after my birthday, however, now I’m thinking 40s are going to be better than my 30s. You all know how you do, you just get turned up because you feel a change is about to come and something new is about to enter the atmosphere for you and you are loving it. So, I did a photo shoot the week before my 40th, which is the day before my mother’s birthday, God bless the dead, and I felt that was honoring her and saying hey, you know, look at me, I made it to 40, I’m doing pretty good Mama, all that kind of stuff. And then the week after, me and my daughter spent a lot of time together. I then went out with friends over the weekend and all that stuff, but the day after my 40th birthday was terrible and the day after that and the day after that. It was three back-to-back days, and I know because I made sure I took off for my business and stuff and it was just not good.

So, I said this month I’m going to do a birthday rewind. Meaning I’m going to go back and redo my birthday experience in the way that I would have wanted it to play out prior, which would have been the three days after my birthday.

So, what I’m sharing with you all, the reason I’m sharing it with you all is because sometimes we have these expectations of moments.

We have these expectations of what’s going to happen for our lives and then life comes in and it disappoints the hell out of us. And we hold onto that disappointment for way longer than we should…


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