2-DTRS | How Can Life Insurance Help Me Reach My Financial Goals?

In this episode we explore the benefits of Life Insurance as not only a burial policy but a way to increase wealth. We discuss:

  • Whole Life Insurance policies
  • Term Life Insurance policies
  • The realities of Burial Insurance
  • Insurance as an asset
  • How much insurance you REALLY need
  • 401Ks
  • How to never lose value in your investments

Tune into this episode to find out more!

Melisa Alaba Bio

Melisa Alaba is the founder and CEO of Eliza Mary Global Network (EMGN). A global organization that connect, educate and advocate for women of color in business. Melisa has helped thousands of women discover their purpose and rock their business and life for over 15 years. Melisa is dedicated to coaching women into personal freedom by identifying their life’s work, growing profits and living a life that they love. In the winter of 2017 Melisa opened The Melisa Alaba Agency to take her vision of helping women to create financial freedom through entrepreneurship to the next level. The Melisa Alaba Agency provides opportunities for women to start a business in the finance industry as well as provides financial
services to the community. Melisa is a strong advocate for women’s rights, economic empowerment for women and philanthropist.

Melisa is a Thyroid cancer survivor and she uses her voice to encourage women to take care of their health and wellbeing. Melisa has been featured on CBS and Fox news television, Ebony Magazine, Redbook Magazine, Parents Magazine, ABC.com, BBC.com, US News and World Report, and in many other notable publications, radio broadcasts and television appearances. Ms. Alaba is the author of Live Out Loud, 52 Ways to Reawaken Your Spirit and Live a Life of Purpose. Live Out Loud is featured in the Chris Nolen Film, ” 72 Hours”. Melisa is also the author of the forthcoming book, You The Rock Star, available for pre-sale on March 1, 2019.

Melisa Alaba is a writer, speaker , radio show host and Mom-N-Charge. Melisa earned her bachelor and Master’s degree, in psychology from Roosevelt University . Melisa offers transformational talks at corporate events, on college campuses, empowerment events and in community forums. Melisa finds joy and purpose in serving women and being a mom to three amazing daughters. Learn more about Melisa on the link below.


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