3-DTRS | How to Find Time to Make Your Business Work

There’s one thing that I believe that most entrepreneurs do not account for specifically in their business. And do you want to know what that one thing is?

The one thing is time.

We do charge for what we believe we are worth in the beginning of our business. And then we kind of scale that down because our aspirational numbers are just out of control. But the thing that we definitely don’t account for as much is time.

Now you might be saying jaha I charge for my time, girl.

I know what I’m worth. I got this together. And you might be absolutely positively correct.

However, I remember when I first started my business and I was like OK this is the amount of money I need to make at the end of the month. So, let’s go with some flat figures five thousand dollars is what I need to make every month to make my business work. If five thousand dollars is what I need every month to make my business work then I need to go out and get enough clients so I can make this five thousand dollars.

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So, you would think OK I’ve got two clients now that means that each of these clients’ needs to pay me twenty-five hundred dollars in order for me to get to my five thousand dollars number. That means you’re overcharging, more than likely these two clients just so you can get to your number. Especially if you don’t have enough clients in the first place. So that’s a number that aspirational, but it’s also a number that if you don’t have any other business that’s a huge number and you’re like I need to make my rent, I got to pay utilities, I got to pay for whatever business things.

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