How to Create a Low Cost Photo Shoot

So you need to new look for your brand and you have to get some head shots or full body photos taken. How do you create a photo shoot that can be completed quickly and for a minimum amount of money so that your designer can complete the website?

You compromise. As a brand designer, there have been many low cost photo shoots at my home and clients often send us images that are not the best to create their websites. We are in charge of making it look rockstar gorgeous and we do. So here are a few of the tips we tell our clients to jump in with so they create looks that we are able to manipulate.

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First your clothes, accessories, hair and makeup. Choose a few outfits with accompanying accessories. Know your strengths. Before you are to take the photos (if you aren’t a great makeup artist, if you don’t know how to really beat your face, make sure you go to a place in the mall that sells makeup to get a free makeover.)

Go home like, Rihanna says, get to work, work work work!

Tip #1: Stand in front of a contrasting background, preferably white.

When you stand in front of a white background, graphics can easily be added to your image. Make sure the clothes you have on stand out from the white background. Which means no white shirts or bottoms. If you prefer a chroma key approach, have your green or blue screen in the background just make sure your clothes are not the same color or in the color family of the background.

That way if graphics have to be added to the image, it can take the image from blah to WOW in seconds.

We use our clients’ brand look book to merge their look with the designs that support that look and feel of their brand.

Tip #2: Go out doors and find great scenery

Great scenery always makes up for lack of photography skill. You don’t have to know much to point and click in front of a gorgeous landscape. As long as the photo isn’t blurry you will always win with natural lighting and an outdoor shot.

Tip #3: Choose someone you are comfortable with to take your photos

Although this isn’t a budget tip, it works when you choose someone you are comfortable with to take your photos. You loosen up a bit more and are able to let your natural personality shine through.

As a former professional photographer, I would most often have to strike up conversations and throw in off hand topics to get the person I’m shooting to loosen up and laugh with me. If near an outlet (studio generally) I would play music and tell the client to dance along. In the intake, I’d ask them what music they liked and that would be a part of the pre-shoot process I would ready for the photo shoot.

Generally the shots taken in the middle or at the end of the photo shoot would be the best shots because by then my clients would be more comfortable with me. It helped that my camera was small and not overwhelming to the subjects and I always had a smile on my face.

Tip #4: Face the light; Lighting is always important in a photoshoot and the more light on your face, the better (unless it washes you out)

Facing the light is the best tip I can give to someone creating a low cost photo shoot. Also, believe it or not your camera phone can in fact be a great camera to take your photos. At least I know the iPhone camera does a great job. I even shoot videos on my iPhone.

I hope these tips have helped and if you have any additional tips you can add them in the comments below. My get BrandiD! crew would truly appreciate that. Being a new entrepreneur does have it’s advantages and creative cost savings is one of them!