13-DTRS | Branding Is More Than A Logo

In today’s episode we discuss the dimensions of branding. When thinking of your brand most people automatically think Logo. That is incorrect the logo is merely a piece to your brands puzzle. Branding encompasses your company’s:

  • Differentiation Factors
  • Culture
  • Execution
  • Storytelling
  • Knowledge of self and Customers

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Your Brand Is A Story Waiting To Be Told

Storytelling is a major part of your brands identity. Being able to convey the story behind your brand to your customers will not only help grow your business but retain your existing customer base. Everyone loves a good story and chance to connect with someone or something. Its your brands job to evoke this emotion to your target market.

Branding is a game of telephone.

If you do your job right and make sure the message is clear in the beginning, your brands message will being spread from ear to ear, the message may change as it goes around the room but the core of the message will still be there at the end.

Branding is definitely more than a logo.