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I am jaha Knight and I am a serial entrepreneur.

I started side-hustling in business at the age of 15. And not with what you would expect. Back then I slung hair weaves instead of pixels. I braided hair into my college years. Instead of cosmetology, I decided to get my degree in design. As soon as I picked up a mouse, y' was on and poppin'. I loved to make things beautiful and design was a great way to do it. 

Shortly after learning the ins and outs of design I started freelancing. I worked for many publications before I started a couple of my own. Though freelancing was simple, the publications, unfortunately didn't do so well. 

My problem was -- I was great at design, management of people, distribution and the like but 
I didn't know how to do business. Afterswallowing that bitter pill, I went back into corporate america and worked until I realized I didn't really belong there.

I was supposed to be an entrepreneur. So I tried it again...and you know what? It failed again. This time, I asked God..."What in the world am I doing wrong?" I didn't have any mentors, I only made sporadic money with business but I wanted to do this full-time. 

This time when I went back to work, I was an educator. And I prayed for a solution to this dilemma within my spirit. I kept wrestling with the question, Am I an entrepreneur or an employee?

Well God sent me an answer...

His answer to me was several years of doing the work behind the scenes. Not only did I learn business, branding, marketing and sales -- while teaching but during that time of learning, I was a radio personality at Heaven 1390, WPAL, Star 99.7FM, a professional photographer, became an author and I ran a successful web design company. 

But then I hit a wall. I didn't know anyone else, networking events were often excuses for drinks and laughs and I couldn't figure out how to make more I turned to different resources. I started reading, testing, taking courses and hiring coaches until I got all the juice I could out of the things I learned. Then I began rolling those options out to clients only to see their eyes light up when they were able to get effective results for their businesses.

See this time my business didn't fail. I found the right vehicle, right circumstances and the right audience for what I wanted to offer. So my business grew quarter after quarter and year over year. And so did my clients' businesses.

Since then my positively brilliant clients have started calling me a Branding Amazon because I help them to
 strategize their way forward to a win in their business and I can do the same with you...

That’s a Soulphisticated Guarantee,

Jaha Knight Signature

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