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I am jaha Knight, Soulphisticated Lady. I bring out the genius in visionaries through marketing, operations, sales and systems. 

As a results-oriented strategist, my strengths are in generating lots of ideas, choosing the best ones and implementing them with attention to detail. Often I look ahead when developing material to expand understanding, planning and executing projects.

Because of those strengths paired with my passion for success, I know that I will revolutionize the way you think about business.

My positively brilliant clients call me a branding amazon and I love it but I am a business growth strategist.

I love to generate solutions where most see problems and obstacles. I test forward thinking, enterprising theories and develop best practices that help clients strategize their way forward to a win in their business. 

That’s a Soulphisticated Guarantee,

Jaha Knight Signature

As one of the nations leading experts on strategy, clarity of purpose and execution, Business Growth Strategist jaha Knight is the founder of Karasi Media Group. Karasi Media Group is a digital agency focused on aligning technology with operational innovation across companies. Her agency  works with executives and entrepreneurs to improve their businesses’ brands, sales and marketing funnels, inbound and outbound marketing, lead capture and nurturing systems.

Raised in Charleston, SC, jaha has worked as a K-12 Career Technology Education instructor, preparing an unskilled workforce to enter the economy with marketable skills. She is the former Editor-in-Chief of SC Black News, Creative Director with the College of Southern Maryland and Art Director for WARE Industries. She is the founder of LIFT Movement, a non-profit organization, focused on diversity and workforce readiness.

Knight is a serial entrepreneur who founded her first company in 2002. Since then she has developed several other businesses whose lessons she poured into Karasi Media Group. Her key accomplishments include establishing consistent business processes across several companies, productivity growth, delivering companies’ business models into operation and redesigning the employee value proposition.

Her reputation as a visionary has led her clients to title her a “branding amazon”. She has been responsible for training teams in several Fortune 500 companies and educational institutions. Knight says, “Helping leaders to develop themselves within their organization is an essential tool in every company’s growth strategy–even if it’s their company."

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