8-DTRS | 5 Things that Stop You from Getting Results in your Business

Jaha: Welcome, welcome, welcome to the show, Nicole Simmons. I am so excited to have you here today.

Nicole: Thank you. Me too. I’m very excited.

Jaha: So, I’m going to ask you some questions that will start out with where your journey started. Tell us how you got into leadership coaching with people. Because I was about the say women, because I always think women.

Nicole: Yeah, yes.

Tell us how you got into leadership coaching and speaking.

Nicole: Sure. Well, you want the long one or the short one of it?

Jaha: Hey, we’re here with you.

Nicole: Okay.

Jaha: Let us know.

Nicole: Yeah. So, I’ll just kind of start from the beginning and kind of bring you up to speed. So, I started out, I was a social worker. I went to school for social work and I worked in a social work field for many, many years.

And throughout my career and kind of the social service space, I had some opportunities to start facilitating. I was working for an organization and they were looking for trainers to do a parent program.

Now, keep in mind at that time, I was like fresh out of college, early 20’s, I didn’t have any children, and here I am signing up to do a training for parent group.

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Jaha: I bet you didn’t love that.

Nicole: Yeah, and it was very intimidating because I was like, “Okay, I have no kids. So, how can I connect and relate to my audience? You know, they’re all parents”.

So, I went to the training and I absolutely loved it. I loved the whole process and the concept of training. So, I started doing it and I realized that when I started doing the trainings, I would tell stories and I would use my personal stories to relate to the parents and so that broke the ice with them.

And I was like, “Oh, man. I really like this. I like talking to people”. And I like relating to people and I can say different things to you really get to the heart of the person and help them kind of change their thinking and change their life just by the words that I was speaking.

So, that’s where I kind of, I think, my first real experienced where I got the bug for speaking. It came via training.

And as I progressed in my career, relocated from, I’m originally from Boston, relocated to Atlanta, I couldn’t find a job. I couldn’t find anything in my field. And so, that kind of prompted me to start working with my own business because I couldn’t find anything; no one would hire me. They said I was either overqualified or underqualified.

So, long story short; that opened the door for me to start doing some consulting on the side, in the field of social work, but I did some consulting.

And then I got to the point where I had that speaking bug that kind of resurfaced because I had that experience and I was like I want to be able to impact people’s lives on greater degree and I really feel like I need to take the next step in my life.

And so, I saw an advertisement on Facebook for…


Nicole is passionate about unlocking people’s potential so they can thrive in life and business. She is President of Nicole Simmons Leadership and the founder of Recharge Women’s Leadership Network. Nicole is an Independent Certified Coach, Teacher and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

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