3 Ways to Gain Clarity When Hiring a Designer

When hiring your design expert for your brand, get clarity.

  • Find out if you’re paying for design hours in the fee calculated.
  • How many revisions that go into the project?
  • Can they produce the work in the timeframe allotted?

If they are a logo designer, that doesn’t mean they can’t design websites or if they’re a web designer, it doesn’t mean they can’t design brochures, banners and media kits.  Because the big misnomer is that a graphic designer has to be a specialist in whatever area you are seeking design work in.  While this person may have a preference for the type of design they are willing to produce, it doesn’t make a general all purpose designer any less stellar at the job of design.

  • What is the scope of the services they can provide to you?

I once had a client hire my company to build his company website then hire another company to do all of his print work, including large banner signs.  When I asked him why he hired a second company, he said he assumed my company didn’t design for print.  I was confused because on my intake form, it states all of the services I provide as does my website and when I have the 15 minute consultation, I generally inform clients of the breadth of my services.  He said he recalled, but it was something he had stuck in his head–I’m a web designer and not a print designer. [su_pullquote]It’s much easier and a more continuous flow when you have the same person design your print and your web presence (unless they only do one OR the other). It gives you brand continuity.[/su_pullquote]

However, if your print designer is testing out his/her skills on your site and they don’t know what they’re doing (slowly loading images because of resolution issues or they don’t really know how to do anything with your DNS and web host, etc–you may need to hire a web designer and have them optimize images and work on your site.  Your graphic designer can provide them with images or you can just let the web designer handle it.)

  • What are your deadlines?  

Designers are creatives and we need time to give you the best possible product.  Make sure you mention your deadlines to the designer.  It’s not unreasonable for them to request an additional fee for shorter deadlines.  Since we’re also on the subject of deadlines, ask how closely they will adhere to the deadlines.  This is always an important question but you too have to adhere to the deadlines to provide information so that the graphic design specialist can do the job you hired them to complete.

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