3 Reasons I Love Being An Entrepreneur

Since stepping out on faith a few months ago and working on my business I realize a few things that are probably common with most people who start a business.

1. Motivation: No one is going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do now. 

Imagine that! No one is going to lean over your shoulder and micro manage you, or ask you to collate another binder, no one is interested in knowing what you have on your plate at the Monday morning meeting. Now you are the one heading those meetings and asking contractors or employees what they have on their agenda for the projects you are working on. You are now creating a culture of accountability for your brand. How will you lead?

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2. Focus: You don’t want to be cold-hearted with people who think you sit at home eating bon-bons and relaxing in an easy chair — but your time is really precious now. 

Does that mean I ignore a few calls until I have a gap in my schedule to return them? It does. I have to. Time is the coin of our life, and I can’t waste it. I keep that quote in my head, always.

On the Facebook post above, I gave myself two years. Do you know what could have happened in those two years? Anything. I don’t know if you know how it feels to watch a parent or a loved one struggle with health issues for the majority of their life, only to kiss their lips and watch them go on to God, but I do.


I know life is precious and should not be wasted. It is one of the biggest reasons my giant struggled so hard to be set free. One of the reasons I knew I couldn’t continue my life the way it was going. What are you doing to waste time, the most precious coin in your life? What is it that you need to be doing today to fulfill those long held goals?

3. Faith: Your life is in free fall. You don’t sleep much. But that’s not anxiety, it’s excitement. 

You work on your products and services; your soul systems, you prepare and prepare and sometimes you run yourself ragged but you’re grateful. Grateful for the challenges and the mental aerobics you have had to do to seek out that ideal client. Grateful that you were ready, you knew what skills you would rely on. You are grateful that you are serving others in your life with the gifts that God placed with you.

You close your laptop well after your friends have gone to bed and you’ve kissed your kid goodnight but you wake up before the Marines the next morning.  You climb in the shower, wash off the coziness of sleep, step out the shower and greet your giant in all her beautiful glory. You smile, wrap yourself in a towel, find clothes for the day and begin the process all over again.