2 Big Web Design Mistakes (part 2 of 2)

2 More Big Web Design Mistakes Brands Make

On part one of this two part series, we discussed the three big web design mistakes.  So in part two you will get two more of the web design brand no-no’s!

    1. Fonts – Having a curly (decorative) font all over your blog, even the posts we’re supposed to be reading is not easy on the eyes.
        • Decorative fonts (those curly, swirly, girly) fonts are only used for headlines and in moderation.  Not content text.  Never should it be used for content text unless it’s a stand out sentence.

Tips for Using Swirly Fonts

    • If it’s something like the fonts churches use, don’t put it in all caps.
    • Readability – All caps swirly fonts are unreadable.  There is this concept in design, it’s called readability. You know when you look at a pin on Pinterest or a photo and you can’t make out the words?  That’s because the font is not readable.  Sometimes on a photo the lack of readability is because of a watermark but oftentimes it’s because the color of the font on the background renders it unreadable or because the all caps in a swirly font renders it unreadable.
  • Size of your fonts: An addition to this list by a reader of the post

2.  Background Color – No matter how many times I’ve said this to clients, it still happens.  I can’t seem to stress it enough to others, so here goes nothing…

    • Black background, white text – Having a black background with white on top is cute for a polka dot or striped dress.  But having it that way for a website causes eye strain.  It is detrimental to  your reader.  My client’s site is a great example of using a black background but with a white container with black text.  If this is what you are going for, go for it it!  However if it’s just a black background with white text, you are causing your reader a problem.  Personally, I don’t care how great your content is, I won’t read your blog if I go to it and see a black background, with white text. So do us all a favor, please don’t.
    • Eye Strain – Flashing images are eye strain queens too.  So if you use a gif, only use one per post, you don’t want someone to go into a fit of epilepsy because they’re reading your flashing, twitching blog.

These are a few of the big web design mistakes I have seen around the world wide web.  What are some you’ve seen around the www?